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Krystal Sands
Procurement & Supplier Diversity Leader | Meta

Curious Agency established their credibility quickly by demonstrating their broader understanding of our needs, bringing questions that challenged and pushed our thinking. They’ve been flexible to adapt to our changing timelines and needs and they certainly bring curiosity to the table, which has helped bring creative and critical thinking to our work. They also produced our most-read external publication.

Marta De Nardin
Supplier Diversity Manager | Eaton

I recommended working with Curious Agency because they always come up with a solutions really quickly - give them a problem and they come up with proposal of how you should handle it, what's the best solution and the right way to go about it. A great team to work with, all super kind, super chatty.

Prity Kanjia
Business Development Director | Milliman

I’ve worked with Nish and Curious Agency for around 10 years. When we were looking for a new agency to support Milliman, having worked with Curious before they were the ones I contacted first.  I find the team easy to work with, they come up with great ideas and solutions for us and they quickly understood our brand and vision which allows them to deliver quality work.

Hannah Leach
Senior Director, Employee Experience and Culture | Carnival UK

I’ve collaborated with Nish and the Curious team for years at Carnival UK. They excel due to their determination, creativity, responsiveness to feedback, and commitment to deadlines, consistently delivering high-quality results. Their cost-effective animation and compelling environmental campaign have been standout successes, earning global adoption. I look forward to our continued partnership.

Paul English
Global Leader, Marketing and Client Experience | Grant Thornton

Great creative design can inspire and engage people. It can make people react very differently to the same information. Curious consistently delivers this type of design quality for us at Grant Thornton.

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