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We are a design and marketing agency with multi-sector expertise. Our passion is creating impactful ideas that leave a lasting impression, contributing to our clients’ success in tomorrow’s competitive market.

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The proof is in the pudding

Krystal Sands
Procurement & Supplier Diversity Leader | Meta

Curious Agency established their credibility quickly by demonstrating their broader understanding of our needs, bringing questions that challenged and pushed our thinking. They’ve been flexible to adapt to our changing timelines and needs and they certainly bring curiosity to the table, which has helped bring creative and critical thinking to our work.

Marta De Nardin
Supplier Diversity Manager at Eaton

I recommended working with Curious Agency because they always come up with a solutions really quickly - give them a problem and they come up with proposal of how you should handle it, what's the best solution and the right way to go about it. A great team to work with, all super kind, super chatty.

Bradley Neill
Senior manager, Global Brand, Grant Thornton

Great creative design can inspire and engage people. It can make people react very differently to the same information. Curious consistently delivers this type of design quality for us at Grant Thornton.

Meet Nish. He’s been in the industry for 30+ years (he’s old) and seen technology change the way we communicate, however, understands the value of a good idea simply told with excellent craftmanship. He also likes mountain biking, coffee and has launched his own gin brand.
Meet Shawn, a seasoned professional with over 13 years of experience. His expertise spans a wide range of B2B and B2C campaigns for large companies, specialising in branding and digital strategies. Shawn is known for his innovative approach to problem-solving, consistently delivering effective solutions. Often referred to as a 'Swiss-army designer' due to his versatile skills. A music and Sunday Dinner enthusiast and self-proclaimed semi-pro high fiver. You'll find Shawn either in the gym or immersed watching ghost videos on Youtube.
This is Sarah. She’s been working in design for 10+ years and more specifically in the healthcare sector the last 6 years. She is big on accessibility for patients and has spenta considerable part of her career developing health literacy principles for print and digital materials. She also likes skiing, a good red wine and pretending she’s good at pottery.
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