Harnessing the power of creativity to drive meaningful change

At Curious Agency, we leverage our expertise to deliver meaningful impact for our clients. By bringing together design solutions and creativity we help drive positive social and environmental benefits. Working alongside our clients we are committed to shaping a more inclusive and sustainable world for generations to come.

Our Impact in Action 2024

Target of 4 days per person per year of volunteering.
100% of employees
and our contractors paid
above the UK living wage.
100% employee satisfaction
and engagement.
50% of our suppliers are
owners from underrepresented backgrounds.

Design Declares

Helping address the global climate emergency.

Living Wage Foundation member

We believe that a day’s work deserves fair pay.

Client satisfaction survey

Driven by client needs, so we transform with purpose.

MSDUK certified

We are a certified minority-owned business.

The Curious team

Our strength lies in our close-knit and dynamic team of strategic thinkers. We recognise that  health, well-being, and growth are the foundation of our success, and we are committed to ensuring that we are valued, empowered, and inspired to bring our best selves to work every day.


We go above and beyond to care, offering comprehensive benefit packages that demonstrate our appreciation for hard work and dedication.
Our commitment to good benefits means that we compensate in line with market rates, bonuses, 25 days of annual leave, a day off on your birthday and an additional 10 days over the Christmas period (we close the office) to maintain a good quality of life.


We provide learning and development plans as well as opportunities for career growth. Supporting the pursuit of new skills and knowledge fosters a culture of continuous learning and innovation.


We also understand the importance of supporting and giving back to the communities we serve. That’s why we offer four days of paid volunteering each year, allowing us to work with the charity partners we are most passionate about. This initiative not only benefits the organisations we support but also enriches our lives by providing us with meaningful opportunities to make our own positive impact.

Wider community engagement

Through our charity partnerships below, we aim to help bridge the gap between education and employment, ensuring that individuals, regardless of their background, have access to the resources, guidance, support and inspiration necessary to realise their full potential.
By sharing our expertise and experiences, we strive to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders and changemakers.

Building inclusive communities and empowering young people

Leicestershire Cares is dedicated to creating an inclusive and safe county by fostering partnerships that enable businesses to address community needs, contribute to inclusive communities, and support children and young people transitioning into the workforce.
As part of our commitment, we collaborate with Leicestershire Cares to deliver employability education to students from diverse backgrounds at City of Leicester College, Limehurst Academy, Brookvale Education Centre, St Paul’s Catholic School and Beauchamp College. Our team conducts mock interviews to build students’ confidence and develop essential skills for future interviews, whether for further education or securing their first job opportunity.

Empowering the next generation
of ocean stewards

Mother Ocean Blue is a purpose-driven social enterprise making waves in climate education through its innovative Ocean Academy program, which connects with schools worldwide to inspire and empower students aged 10 to 15. Covering critical topics including global warming and ocean awareness, which provides students with the knowledge to become agents of environmental change.
Curious Agency is committed to providing pro bono services to help Mother Ocean Blue amplify its impact by enhancing its brand visibility, refining its messaging, and increasing engagement with schools and communities.

Empowering young people through creativity

We have partnered with Stackhouse Entertainment, an arts charity in Leicestershire providing creative opportunities for 14-16-year-olds through music and video production – a creative outlet that diverts them from street crime and drugs.
Our team is building a strong online presence to help Stackhouse Entertainment reach a wider audience, and secure funding to ensure every child could explore their creativity, develop valuable skills, build self-confidence, and discover new possibilities for their future. We further plan to support the mobilisation of Stack House as an enrichment programme to schools across the county, recognising that many children could benefit.

Introducing the
Curious Foundation

The Curious Foundation is in its early stages. Our goal is for the foundation to be a responsible and positive educational presence for local communities.

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