Ways to stay well

Updated: Mar 29

We are all different and respond to work and life stresses differently. I see a lot of wellness ideas: "ask how are you?", "are you okay?" and other thoughts to make people feel valued and included. These are all great ideas, but maybe not for everyone. Of course, we want to know if our team is okay, not under undue pressure, not battling something in silence... so we approach it a little differently.

Every morning we just chat. And on Mondays we chat a little more, just chit-chat, nonsense really about the weekend, who did what, who went where, what we watched... just like you would do with your friends. Wait, are we creating friends at work? Yes. Because friends support each other and really importantly know when something is not right. Surely this is better than waiting for someone to come and tell you they are not.

Getting to know the people you work with has immeasurable advantages. But I certainly don't want to force this on people, nor make the chit-chat and official part of the day, some don't want to join in, but eventually, they do because it's more of a giggle.

Of course, they are different ways to create a happier place to work and I have learned how NOT to be a good leader by learning from the bad ones in my past. I will name no names but I really don't want to be forced to eat Pizza every Thursday with the whole 120+ people agency whilst we solve the problems the company faces and then go straight back to my desk.

So to end on a positive note, here is us at the beach in Bude. It was a chilly morning, and though I often forget to take a coat I am glad I did (you get to a certain age and bones feel cold).

Curious Agency ways to stay well
Ways to stay well

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