• Nish Wickramasinghe

Creating better work, together. It's a win win.

This briefing document started life with those ad gurus who created amazing campaigns, some you see replicated now, and some e.g. VW, who still use the essence from those old Beetle ads. The questions are straightforward, and chatty, so we can all discuss it rather than get handed it to 'work out'.

These brief questions are still relevant now, and it's how we all go about creating new ideas that people need. A successful business provides something their audience wants, and this will help you.

Please download the form and use it. It will help focus our thinking, approach and understand the audience.

Download PDF • 123KB

Also, for a little lighthearted entertainment, look at this video created by my friend Michael D Starcevich (@mikestarcevich). It happens. It is here to help us all get great work done, on time and budget. It's a win win.

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