10 brilliant steps to improve your SEO

Updated: Mar 29

There are many ways to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to grow a business and different aspects that can affect the appearance and position of a website, with so much content and information out on the web now.

10 steps to increase SEO to be visible on search engines
10 Steps to increase your SEO by Curious Agency

The ten things I’ve learnt about SEO

1: Content

Focus on a niche, one specific topic with thorough content.

2: Optimise title tag and meta tags

Google tracks keywords on listings. Making keywords flow in a sentence helps to increase traffic. 3: Google search console

Monitor search material, search analytics, look at click through rate, review terms people are searching. 4: User behaviour

Find out what other people want and experience and gain insights through Hotjar.

5: User metrics

Look at bounce rate if your website has a high bounce rate google can lower your ranking. Also look at page views per visitor and load time.

6: Keywords

Find phrases and keywords on Uber suggests and add more content depth.

Use keywords within the title of the post, URL, first and last paragraph of the post and as image tags.

7: Backlinks

Internally linking to other pages on your website helps search engines learn more about your website. 8: Infographics

Animated infographics and gifs create backlinks to your website and increase chance of ranking by image search. 9: Roundup posts

Link back to articles to create traffic and natural backlinks.

10: Prune and crop Cut dead weight from your website by reviewing page analytics, to help rank your pages.

I hope you thought these tips were useful as I did. You may consider hiring a SEO professional for more advanced SEO, however it’s good to get familiar with the way search engines work.

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