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A new seed developed to give growers a better crop. The industry launch had to demonstrate the added benefits to justify the extra costs of the seed. We looked at creating a campaign that would stand out against the norm in the grower market, and ways to engage with them; a powerpoint was not good enough. Our campaign was about challenging their perceptions - showing practical advantages quickly and in a memorable way. The product was taller, better, faster...


Seminis/Monsanto wanted to launch a new seed product to large scale UK growers (a select audience of busy growers who would not attend a centrally based event). This broccoli seed is more expensive than competitor products but had many benefits which needed explaining. To ensure success we had to define the campaign strategy and create a theme. We were tasked with managing the budget and implemented/delivered the campaign which included national road shows.


We extracted real benefits to the growers (grows better, stronger and quicker) and created marketing communications that challenged what they knew. The event had to be fresh, something new, something that could travel to the growers – so we used a large exhibition truck that hosted the event, with information literature, banners and an animated benefit-led presentation.

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Curious Agency's successful launch of Seminis Think Broccoli goes global