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Deichmann black and white logo


Deichmann is a major retail footwear chain that originated in Germany but is increasingly seen more and more in high street stores around Europe. Currently they have over 4000 stores in 26 countries, making them Europe’s largest footwear retailer.


The brief was to help our client get into the best new locations to improve their sales, expand the chain as well as explaining Deichman's USPs. These are: their wide product range for all the family, the ‘rack-room’ time saving concept and their price guarantee on branded trainers. It was also important to highlight the companies aspirations and investment in their stores – this is key to winning the location.


We needed to film their new look stores, showing the benefits and improvements these make to the consumers shopping experience. Also, it was important to explain their size and growing market share to help convince decision makers that Deichmann is the right choice for their shopping schemes.


To create a compelling argument we needed to outline why Deichmann stores provide a benefit. It was important to show Deichmann's history as this helps to show growth and robustness within the company. As well as this we highlighted the new look stores, which will help to encourage a greater footfall to the UK highstreets.

Deichmann logo sketch by Curious Agency


Curious Agency result created more prime locations for Deichmann