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Deichmann is a major retail footwear chain that originated in Germany but is increasingly seen more and more in high street stores around Europe. Currently they have over 4000 stores in 26 countries, making them Europe’s largest footwear retailer.


Deichmann wanted to increase their brand awareness. Their market research had shown that their brand perception in the UK had a characterless profile and their customers weren’t sure what they stand for. They wanted to develop a UK branding campaign that explained the companies unique selling points: their wide product range for all the family, the ‘rack-room’ time saving concept and their price guarantee on branded trainers.


1. 'Yes' - This video focused on Deichmann's wide product range, showing a range of women’s shoes. This highlights the range of shoes that Deichmann sell showing that there is something to suit every occasion.


2. 'Self Select' - The self select video highlights the 'rack-room' concept, showing how this works in a real life scenario. The 'rack-room' concept allows the customer to try on the shoes in any available size, saving time due to the fact they don't have to wait for a staff member to help them get their size.


3. 'Nang' - This video focuses on Deichmann's price guarantee on branded trainers. This puts the customers mind at ease, knowing that Deichmann won't be beaten on price on branded trainers, meaning that the customer knows there is no need to shop around.


4. 'Something For Everyone' - This is a longer video than the previous three and combines all three of Deichmann's unique selling points, rather than focusing on one, like the previous videos. This video shows how the unique selling points would work in a real life scenario for the whole family and how they would benefit them.

Deichmann wide shoe product range
Deichmann something for everyone


Curious Agency created compelling stories through video for Deichmann