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The Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply (CIPS)

needed a new campaign to show that it was modern, forward looking

and fulfilled the varying needs of procurement professionals, both

long-term members and those just qualifying and entering the

profession. CIPS needed to create long term member relationships,

making their audience aware of the programmes, qualifications,

awards, reports etc... that would propel their member's careers.

CIPS also had the issue of seeming like they were out of date,

and needed to attract new members to join and participate.



WWe used 'nudge' language to persuade and show the

benefits of CIPS. We also created more vibrant campaigns (colours

from their brand guidelines) compared to the dull and over-used

blue they normally use. This would attract their members attention

"something new". We created this campaign using their Global

Procurement Powerlist Top 20 – a group of well-known professionals

that their peers admire. This allowed us to have advocates talk of the

benefits of CIPS and programmes to address issues in the profession.

The photoshoot and filming sessions also allowed us to interview

the group, gain insight into their impressions of CIPS, and to test our

headlines and gain valuable feedback from these key members.

The campaign is somewhat tongue in cheek to show CIPS is

progressive and not old-fashioned. The campaign focusses on 9

services: Awards, Charted membership, e-learning, global standards,

reporting, powerlist, qualifications, salary guide, apprenticeships.

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