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Carnival UK is one of the leading cruise ship brands with plans to expand by 50 percent before 2022. It is currently more important than ever to attract, keep and develop the best team possible and making processes as efficient as possible.


Carnival Corporation own and operate 121 ships, travelling to over 700 ports around the world. Their brands include Costa, Holland America, Princess, Seabourn, Aida, Carnival, P&O and Cunard. Logistics and communication costs them millions and is also complex, slow, and involves using costly maritime internet.


Money and time is wasted when Carnival's brands duplicate these tasks. This new technology must become the go-to place for information, reducing risk, creating clear communications, sharing operational benefits and efficiencies.


We introduced our client to a Computer Aided Facilities Management system (CAFM) that would collate data and become a single source for information. We then set about showing the benefits of the technology, and how it will add value to all departments through an internal marketing campaign.


This programme needed a personality – "someone to ask", "someone to support me", not just a software solution (the technology is the enabler). Therefore we named it 'ORCA' (Operation, Risk, Communication & Awareness) – this helps create a personality (everything else internally is named with 3 or 4 letter acronyms – HESS, OCS, FOC, so ORCA stands out because it is a word that people recognise.


There are 11 internal teams (hotels, maritime, HR, IT, assets, guest experience, fleet operations, crisis...) that will use ORCA. We created comms that were relevant for each of them. This shows ORCA can answer the questions they regularly ask. It creates relevance, saving the teams time and effort, as well as reducing costs for the business (resulting in better bonuses, less time in the office, ease...).


The project included creating digital dashboards, environments and launching publicity material (t-shirts, table-talkers, window vinyls, temporary stickers...).

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Curious agency to save £10m in operational costs for Carnival UK from the launch of Ocra